As parents we want nothing more than to protect our kids. While we are doing everything we can to keep them physically safe and cared for, we can’t forget to care for their emotional health too. Whether or not you’ve had a conversation with your kids about the Coronavirus, they will have sensed the changes happening around them. Kids are smart and often take on the feelings of the adults around them. To help reassure them in uncertain times, here are 3 easy activities you can do as a family to let them know that even though things are different now, they will get better.


Plan For Summer Vacation

Reassure them that things will get back to normal and start planning for summer. Pull out the calendar and write down what activities your family will do. If you need ideas, check out our free downloadable print with links to summer festivals, splash pads and outdoor movies!


Craft A Vision Board

Pull out old magazines or even the junk mail and let them put together their favorite things on paper. Whether it’s things they used to love and want to remember, their Christmas wishlist or goals for their future – let them have fun and the freedom to put what’s on their mind down on paper.


Think Happy Thoughts

Whether it was the best day ever or a day on the struggle bus, have everyone in the family write down something they’re thankful for on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. It’s reassuring to see your happiness in a tangible form and when it’s been a rough day you can read what you’ve collected as a reminder.

Do you have questions about the Coronavirus? Check out our Questions and Answers for the most common questions parents have about the crisis.