As a child, one of the best things to do during the summertime is go outside in nature and play. There’s so much to see, do, and learn about. The bugs are interesting; the trees are tall enough to climb; the park is only down the street. As parents, this is great to see. It can also be stressful trying to figure out how to best provide them this constant opportunity when school is out during the summer, but work isn’t.


Summer day camps are a great venue for nature exploration and there are plenty to chose from! Here are some reasons to look for a camp that incorporates nature:


It Improves Health

There are physical and emotional health benefits that children can gain when interacting with nature. With the freedom to run around, play, climb, and do other physical activities, children are able to reduce restlessness, increase their happiness and grow strong.


Inspires Creativity

Being outside encourages children to use all of their senses and visualize what they want to see. When outdoors, it is easier to imagine what could be in such a vast place. Children might see magic wands or construction tools instead of sticks, or a prince/princess instead of a frog. This also enhances the child’s decision making, as they are allowed to make up their own rules.


Captivating Education

It can be very difficult to keep a child’s attention, so it is important to learn how to do so. Camp is supposed to be fun, but thsat does not mean education cannot be a part of that. Using nature, it is easier to captivate a child’s attention and teach them. They’ll go home full of new knowledge about animals, plants, new games and exercises that they cannot wait to share.


Teaches Important Life Lessons

Camp teaches children a lot, in or out of nature. However, when they are in nature, children are able to explore and learn how to measure risk for themselves. While there is adult supervision, children are allowed to explore certain areas on their own or with other children, which enhances their independence and decision making abilities.


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West Bloomfield Parks’ summer camps include sports, art, music and science, and nature is incorporated into every curriculum. Check out West Bloomfield Parks’ summer camp programs, including Nature Camps and Camp WB to find the right fit for your family.