It’s the height of irony (and sometimes feels like the depths of hell), we’re stuck at home with our favorite people in the world (our kids) and yet they seem determined to drive us crazy. The endless screaming, crying, whining, and ‘hey Mom’ can drive even the most patient among us crazy.


‘Me time’ is often elusive under normal circumstances, now it can seem downright impossible but we need it. For our sanity, all mom’s must find a minute – maybe 30 for themselves. Put the kids in front of a screen, put them safely in a crib and let them cry it out if you have to, but don’t forget about you during these hard times.


I’m home (often alone since my husband works at a hospital) with two little boys and here are 4 things I am honestly doing to keep calm in the chaos.


Yoga with Adriene // I would love to do yoga every morning but #reallife. I do make sure to do it every other day at least and feel so much better for it. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is my favorite, she has workouts that are as quick as 10 minutes so I can always find time for something – and it’s FREE!


Drinks with Guernsey // I’m an ice cream addict and if you’re missing Starbucks frapps, get some Guernsey. Blend ice (or frozen coffee cubes), cold brew and Guernsey’s Coffee Mocha Chip or Sea Salt Turtle Swirl and top with whip for a great copycat recipe. I also find that a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream with red wine pour over can really take an edge off.


Cozy clothes with Old Navy // I am not a shopper and have been very careful to limit my online purchases but when you’re stuck at home for over a month, something new can make a difference. Old Navy is having a huge online sale (up to 60% off)  and I ordered pants that will help me feel more comfortable (see above for explanation). Whether it’s new pants, daytime jams or a spring dress, order something that can help you feel refreshed.


Cooking with Joanna // Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook came out this week. She previewed recipes on the Food Network and did a fun behind the scenes Instagram Live session from the set of her new cooking show. I have her first book and keep all the Magnolia magazines so cooking (and baking) is my go-to way to relax these days. Bonus: I can include the kids and it gives us all yummy treats to snack on all day.


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Photo credit: Magnolia