Are you the cool aunt or “funcle” (fun + uncle)? Hanging with your nieces and nephews is the best – you get to play all day and send them home when the day is over! Here are 5 ways you can keep up your street cred and plan a fun day with the littles in your life.


Treat Them Like a Grown-Up and Act Like A Kid
Order a mocktail and hang like an adult. Give them your undivided attention, have a ball and get ready to bowl (but know there’s no shame in bumpers).


Let Them Drive
All kids want to drive and all parents dread it. Get them behind the wheel and have some fun on the go-kart race track.


Go Above and Beyond
Go wild in the tree tops and reach new heights at the West Bloomfield Adventure Park. The park has 165 obstacles and zip lines, five difficulty levels, and 10 different courses for a whole day of fun.


Throw Them a Curve Ball
Let the kids know how cool you are and introduce them to a game they have never heard of. Fowling is a football/bowling combo and Knockerball is bubble ball soccer.


Forget About Bedtime
Make it a late night – stock up on sweets and catch a double feature in the car.


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