Have you seen the meme about how the unexpected hard part of adulting is having to decide what to make for dinner EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? Kitchen fatigue is real and combined with cabin fever, we could all use a little help at home. Thankfully, Hungry Harvest is ready to deliver dinner to your door!


5 Reasons You Want To Try Hungry Harvest

  • It’s affordable. For just $15, you can get a “mini harvest” that will probably be plenty of produce for the whole family – it is for my family of 4.
  • It could almost replace your grocery shopping. Thanks to the à la carte marketplace, you can get pantry staples like bread, eggs and canned goods, along with specialty items like coffee and snacks. Offerings vary every week, though, so a grocery run could help fill in the gaps. There are plenty of gluten-free and organic options too.
  • It’s easy. Placing your order is just like any other online shopping experience – add your harvest and any à la carte items to your cart, and checkout.
  • It’s delivered to your door. No need to pack the kids in the car or work out a schedule to sneak out for a hectic grocery store run. Hungry Harvest is delivered to your door with contactless delivery. Spend $30 for free shipping or pay $3.49 for delivery – not bad at all!
  • The mission: In addition to fighting food waste, Hungry Harvest is focused on giving back. For every box delivered, Hungry Harvest helps fight food insecurity through a few different programs, like subsidized boxes, donations, and low-cost farmers markets.


Hungry Harvest does more than solve individual meal-time concerns, it also addresses the broader challenge of food waste. The food delivery service makes it easy to:

  • Eat better
  • Help the planet
  • Give back to the community


“About 40% of everything we grow in the United States actually goes to waste. A lot of that is before it ever reaches the retail store and the consumer, and this produce is perfectly good and deserves to get distributed.” – Evan Lutz, founder and CEO of Hungry Harvest


Hungry Harvest works with producers up and down the East Coast to deliver boxes of produce and other perishables, that would otherwise go to waste, right to your doorstep. Hungry Harvest CEO, Evan Lutz, got the idea for the business model while in college. He started selling boxes of produce ($5 for 5 pounds) that he recovered from a local farmer. It quickly caught on, and soon they had 500 customers a week showing up outside Lutz’s dorm for a box. Fast forward nearly seven years and you can now get a harvest of recovered produce shipped to your door.


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