Each day, join LittleGuide on a themed adventure full of activities, crafts, nature and games that will help you and your littles have fun at home. Baseball season is delayed but we can have our own Opening Day at home.


8:00 AM – Put on your old English D to start the day.

9:00 AM – Track your kid’s stats (age, height, favorite toy) and make a limited edition, one of a kind baseball card. Take a photo or have them draw a self portrait.

10:00 AM – Spend time outside and play baseball in the backyard.

11:00 AM – Spend some time doing Baseball Math – here are free downloads for every grade level.

12:00 PM – Get messy in the kitchen and make soft pretzels with your kids.

1:00 PM – Quiet Time – Listen to The Past & The Curious’ Play Ball episode.

2:00 PM – Put on your favorite baseball movie – Little Big League, Rookie of the Year, The Sandlot, and The Bad New Bears are classics the kids should see.

4:00 PM – Target practice time – get a box, paper cups and string to let make a target practice box to let your kids perfect their pitch.

5:00 PM – Hot dogs, pop and popcorn (maybe a beer?!) – bonus no ballpark prices.

6: 00 PMMake a tiger craft to hang on your door or in a window.

7:00 PM – Read a baseball story before bed.

8:00 PM – Bedtime! You survived.


We know that times are hard and resources can be scarce. Please note that these activities are simply meant to be a guide to help you fill the day and inspire ideas that fit your family. Try all of the activities, just a couple, or simply watch a movie and cuddle on couch – whatever makes your family feel happy and safe during times of uncertainty is the best thing to do.


Photo credit: Facebook