Each day, join LittleGuide on a themed adventure full of activities, crafts, nature and games that will help you and your littles have fun at home. Today we’re going to Disney World – rather…we’re bringing Disney to us. Now that we can’t leave our house, it’s the prefect time to surprise the kids with a Disney vacation we can all afford!


8:00 AM – It’s Disney day! Share the news with your kids and put on your favorite Disney outfit, costume, or try one of my favorite activities DisneyBounding!

9:00 AM – No need for a park pass! Get the front seat to the hottest rides at Disney Parks. Cast these YouTube videos to your tv and experience Space Mountain, Frozen Ever After, The Seas with Nemo and more!

10:00 AM – Spend time outside in the Animal Kingdom – you’re the animals. How many animal sounds and moves can you make?

11:00 AM – Draw your own fairytale castle and enter to win a FREE bounce castle rental from Five Little Monkeys this summer.

12:00 PM – Make a Mickey & Friends Bento Box for lunch.

1:00 PM – Quiet Time – Take a behind-the-scenes tour and watch the One Day at Disney shorts on Disney+ to discover new careers and meet the people who make the magic happen.

3:00 PM – Craft time! From Moana’s necklace, toilet paper roll Cars, and Princess clothespins, pick your favorite project and have fun.

4:00 PM – Play ‘Guess Who’, the Disney edition. Print off these graphics and randomly draw characters, write character names on paper or wing it!

5:00 PM – Off to Epcot – have an easy dinner with favorites from around the world – tortilla chips and salsa, frozen meatballs, Ramen noodles, grape juice for the kids and wine for the parents – whatever you can find and enjoy.

6: 00 PM – Karaoke night! Sing to your favorite Disney songs as a family or take turns as a talent show.

7:00 PM – Disney days end with fireworks, we’ll settle for sparklers. Pull out leftover sparkler from last summer and light up the night.

8:00 PM – Bedtime! You survived.


We know that times are hard and resources can be scarce. Please note that these activities are simply meant to be a guide to help you fill the day and inspire ideas that fit your family. Try all of the activities, just a couple, or simply watch a movie and cuddle on couch – whatever makes your family feel happy and safe during times of uncertainty is the best thing to do.


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