Fun and FREE – our two favorite words! Make this summer a splash at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills

The Heritage Park splash pad in Farmington Hills has multiple fountains and sprayers and it’s perfect for your child (or you) to enjoy! There is also plenty of shade under nearby trees if you choose not to partake in the splashing fun! If that wasn’t enough this splash pad also has a snack shack (open from 11am to 7pm) and indoor bathrooms close by.

Don’t feel like splashing? Check out the amazing interactive nature trail! You can find the entrance of the trail either by the Nature Center or the splash pad. Build your own nest, make music, dig in the sandbox, and wash off in their hand pumped water table. This trail is sure to keep your kiddo busy exploring!

Rainy day? Check out the Nature Center! The center hosts some small animals, a bird watching area, and lots of information on different species of wildlife local to Michiga.! You can even feel the fur of native animals, or play a game of match the tracks – be prepared to spend some time in here.

If that wasn’t enough, the park also has volleyball nets, a street hockey area, TONS of biking or hiking trails, and hills perfect for sledding in the wintertime. Plus a playground with swings, sandbox, monkey bars, and slides.

Heritage Park // 24915 Farmington Rd, Farmington Hills