Get out the house and into nature. Take a break from the screen and take in some fresh air with a family nature walk. Use the time outside to connect with one another and with the world around you. Below are kid-friendly activities to keep the ‘this is boring’ moans at bay. And enter to win a FREE Outdoor Explorer Kit from LittleGuide Detroit!


  1. Examine the trees. Look for different types and if they have started to grow leaves.
  2. Bird watch. Keep an eye out for birds, note their different sounds and colors.
  3. Make music with nature. Bring empty plastic bottles from home and fill them with rocks and seeds along the walk for music shakers.
  4. Look up – are there clouds in the sky? Do you notice pictures in their shape?
  5. Shake things up. If you’re feeling weary, hop like frog, flutter like a butterfly or dig like a mole.
  6. Spotted! A stick bug. Use sticks, leaves and seeds to create nature critters along the trail.
  7. Collect sticks, leaves and flowers and use as paint brushes in the dirt or with paint at home.
  8. Make a nature mandala. A mandala is a circle with a pattern. Collect items and lay them out in a fun design.


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Photo credit: Jessica Human