After a nearly two year closure, Lakeshore Park is back and better than ever. Plan a family trip to Novi for fun at the new playground and renovated beachfront.


Lakeshore Park has everything you need for summer fun. The beach is easily accessibly from the parking lot with a short walk through the tunnel (there’s a foot washer/water fountain at the entrance to remove sand). It’s a short shoreline but provides plenty of space and seating options on grass or sand. A perk of the limited area is that it’s easy to navigate with little kids. The water is clear, cool and shallow for a significant ways so kids can safely play, while the adults can watch from the sand or stand in the water with shorts.


After the beach, head to the playground. There’s equipment for toddlers that is musical and alphabet themed with drums, and chimes. The larger playground features a unique American gladiator rope cage with space for kids to climb, crawl and practice their balance. The massive slide has a rope to climb up or a ramp to walk up and there are multiple seats and swing rides for kids to enjoy too.


Public restrooms are on site, so you can play for as long as you want!


Lakeshore Park //  601 S Lake Dr, Novi, MI 48375