Meet Kate

Kids: Josephine (6 months)

Hometown: Detroit

Hi, I’m Kate Bordine a new mama of little miss Josephine, and my husband is Phillip Cooley. We co-founded Ponyride, a non-profit that provides subsidized rent to creative and social entrepreneurs. Sometimes I find time to dabble in jewelry and sell it at Nora, a boutique in Midtown.



Coffee is a must and we love Astro in Corktown, and there’s a bunch of little local families who hang out there so you watch kids grow up. Brunch at Gold Cash Gold is pretty darn tasty, and I’m not just saying that because we are partners in it. It’s family friendly, in the summer time I roll my stroller onto the patio and sip rosé and eat oysters during happy hour, and they have a kid menu which my nephews and niece love.



We love running around Belle Isle, down the Dequindre Cut, and along the Detroit Riverfront. In fact we just ran the Detroit Free Press international Half Marathon and little Jo was our cheerleader throughout training, we packed her up in the running stroller and run all over. Although the sidewalks need some work (whispers of this happening soon) so these designated walking/running paths are great to utilize. Can’t wait to take her to parks when she is older and watch her run around.



I take Josephine to Motor City Music Together class every Wednesday morning, it’s a 10 week program. She’s the youngest in the class, and when we started going she was four months old. It’s been fun to watch her engage with the music and other children in the class who are up to 5 years old in age. It’s a great way to connect with other moms, and if we get a wild hair we go grab coffee or lunch and bond over stories after class. 



Not sure yet because Josephine is under a year old. But I surmise we’ll enjoying going to the Thanksgiving parade or the Tree Lighting downtown. Halloween was super cute this year, we have friends who live in Indian Village and it was swarming with little trick-or-treaters. So amazing to see!


From the time we found out we were pregnant we really started making time for ourselves and were determined to expose our world to Jo. When she arrived she broadened our perspectives and we knew we had to focus on being the best parents and role models we could be. Be patient with yourself and significant other, this isn’t an easy road to navigate. Things happen really fast, literally before your eyes, so try to slow down and soak up every moment. There is so much growth in the first year both with you and your little human, finding time to reflect is important. And always pack extra diapers and an outfit-just in case.