Meet My’Kael

Kids: Josiah (8 months)

Hometown: Detroit


I am a Program Manager focusing on the Internship Program at Quicken Loans. The internship program is extremely important to me because, I myself started at Quicken Loans as an intern 2 years ago! Finding out that I was expecting was the best news of my life, and I absolutely enjoy being a mother to my beautiful baby boy, Josiah.



The rainforest café inside of Great Lakes Crossing Mall is one of my favorite places to take him. He is very observant and the scenery there is very excited for him. I love watching him get excited as he hears the animals make noise and light up!



The SEAlife Aquarium inside of Great Lakes Crossing Mall is another one of our favorites. It’s very kid friendly. It’s not overwhelming big, but there is a lot to see. Especially for an 8-month-old. We have gone plenty of times and he never gets tired of it.



The Detroit Zoo is also one of my favorite places to take him. I took him to the zoo for the first time when he was about 3 months old. It was nice because it was a chance for me to get out and get some air and spend time with my baby. I took him to the zoo multiple times over the summer and each time it was fun to see him really focus in on seeing the different animals! We rode the train the last I took him and he LOVED IT!



The splash pad is fun for the entire family. Heritage park is beautiful and there is a playground and volleyball court conveniently located right next to the splash pad! The best part is, it’s free! You can rent out a shed, or just get there early and claim some picnic tables for a nice day at the park. There is also a nature center that’s open as well.


“The best advice I could give to other young mothers like myself is to give yourself time to adjust. Being a mommy is not easy at all, and sometimes your expectations and reality don’t always align but just know that you will be fine!”