Metro Detroit mom, Maria Dismondy teaches kids how to embrace their uniqueness and spread kindness in her flavorful children’s books.


Maria Dismondy understands that it’s hard to be a kid. When she was young she was teased for the way she dressed and the weird combinations of foods she enjoyed. When she was a first grade teacher she witnessed unkind behavior by her young students to each other. She wanted to show kids that it was okay to be different and encourage them to have courage to be true to themselves. Maria couldn’t find the right book to share that message so she decided to write one using her own childhood experience.


Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun was one of Maria’s favorite meals and it attracted attention (and ridicule) when she was a kid. She took her experience with being teased and wrote a story about a girl named Lucy who who is bullied at school and responds with kindness to defuse the situation.


The book was a success and in 2011, Maria resigned from teaching to pursue writing full-time. Through research she discovered trends of increased bullying at school and a decrease in empathy. Her books are written to give kids tools to be problem solvers and develop skills to deal with challenges. Her more recent titles also include guided reading questions for parents and topical guides written by bestselling author and educator, Dr. Michele Borba.


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Photo credit: Maria Dismondy