Detroit Parent Collective founder, Krista Mcclure, dropped out of high school and became a mom when she was still a teenager but with hard-work and a strong network she beat the odds stacked against her. She’s taken her talent and experience in education and community development to create a space for mothers and their children to grow and learn together in Detroit’s Bagley neighborhood.


The Detroit Parent Collective is a co-working space and co-opperative pre-school designed with the needs of the community in mind.


The co-working space accomodates up to 30 individuals in total with communal desk seating for 16 at a given time and gaurenteed two hours of childcare. The target audience includes

~ Moms living in multi-generational homes who need space to relax and socialize without worrying about their children’s safety

~ Young mother’s seeking guidance, support and inspiration as they pursue their education and career goals

~ Stay-at-home mom’s who need access to workspace and childcare


co-working hours: monday, wednesday and friday 9a-3p


The co-operative pre-school allows parents to share their talents with their own children and others. Twice a week children will receive guidance and instruction from a teacher, supplemental instruction from parents and activity time led by organizations, including Lil Dumplins.

co-operative pre-school hours: tuesday and thursday 12:30-4:30p


Special events to promote healthy living, fitness, and small business will be held for members and the general public.


Detroit Parent Collective
8418 McNichols Rd W.
Detroit, MI 48221