Do you need ideas for activities to do with kids? Tried and true suggestions that real moms actually do? Here they are! We’re asking families to share their favorites, to help you find yours.


Are you following @princesspinkygirl on Instagram? Local blogger Jennifer Fishkind shares fashion, food, and travel tips on her blog, Princess Pinky Girl and has a whopping 3+ millions followers on Pinterest! Get your daily dose of Pinspiration and find the most mouthwatering delicious recipes, fun DIY ideas, and amazing family travel hacks.


Meet Jen

I am the mom to three wonderful boys (Jake 21, Joey 18, and Aidan 15) and married to my college sweetheart of 31 years, Adam. After a long run in the nonprofit world, working for the national offices of Alzheimer’s Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own business, Princess Pinky Girl. Princess Pinky Girl is a website that focuses mostly on easy recipes with a little side of travel tips (if you are looking for something healthy, look elsewhere!). My recipes focus on simple ingredients and steps that anyone can pull off. I often say if I can make it, anyone can! Aside from taking care of my boys (the husband included), 2 dogs and Princess Pinky Girl, travel is my passion. My other hobbies include tennis, binge watching Netflix and working on my non-profit organization, Thread.


Favorite Ways To Spend Family Time:

  • Food: We love to cook together, find great restaurants, and try new things.
  • Travel: We are all explorers. Whether finding new things to do around town or in another country, we always enjoy exploring new places.
  • Games: We are BIG family game people. Catan and Dominion are our go-to family games.


Favorite Places To Go:


Favorite Books:


Favorite Recipes:



Best Movie: The Princess Bride


Best Annual Event: Art in the Park (Plymouth)

My kids love art and they always enjoy all of the artists at Art in the Park. They also have a section that is made up of “young artists” which we always find fun.


Best Summer Destination: Harbor Springs + Petoskey 

We have had a house Up North since I was a kid. It is always a wonderful quick getaway that we don’t get to do often enough.


“Pat Yourself on the Back” Accomplishment: 

I think my proudest personal accomplishment is finding balance. Working full time and parenting full time is something I always used to struggle with. This took me a long time to be able to find a happy balance where I was meeting the needs of my kids and the needs of myself.