Bay City State Park is the perfect three in one park. Play at the beach in Lake Huron, enjoy the massive splash pad, or play at the newly renovated park!

Looking for a mini getaway with all of the feeling of up north but not the distance? Take a trip up to Bay City! Bay City State Park has walking trails, camp sites, a handicapable walkway to the beach. A gorgeous beach area along Lake Huron, a splash pad with changing rooms, tons of pavilions, and a great playground.

Lake Huron was absolutely beautiful when we were there. It was great for kids with a large sand bar and lots of beachfront perfect for sand castles. We were able to walk out quite a distance and still touch. In spots it can be mucky so pack the water shoes!

The splash pad has tons of great water features such as: fish water cannons, spinning dumping buckets, a misting butterfly and fishing pole, water shooting cattails and so much more! Bonus was the seating, and sun shades with picnic tables surrounding the splash pad. There were also changing rooms and multiple trails from the beach to the splash pad. Also, ample close by parking! The spray park is open 10am- 8pm daily Memorial Day-Labor Day.

Also, within walking distance from the beach is a newly renovated in June of 2023 rubber matted playground. This playground has it all, set in a nature scene. Climb on, or in a fish, hang on the bridge, check out the large variety of handicapable swings, climb through logs. Enjoy both the big kid and toddler area all combined into one. There are lots of shade trees and screen shades for parents to enjoy while their young one plays.

Bay City State Park requires the state park pass on your license plate. If you don’t have it don’t worry, you can purchase it at the park for $17. Park hours are 8am-10pm daily. Bay City State Park is located at// 3582 State Park Dr, Bay City, MI 48706