The excitement of flying has inspired adventurers and innovates for centuries. Inspire your littles with a trip to visit airplanes on display and in the sky.


Michigan Air Museum (Belleville)

Through aircraft displays and precious artifacts, the Yankee Air Museum teaches guests about aviation technology and the importance of flight through past wars and and the emergence of commercial aviation in the United States. The museum is open Tuesdays-Sunday, year round. Make plans to visit during Open Cockpit Days or an air show!


Selfridge Military Air Museum (Harrison Township)

The Selfridge Military Air Museum features dozens of aircrafts on door and on display for guests to visit  on Saturdays and Sundays. The museum is located on a secure military installation and for security reasons, all individuals must present a current and valid U.S. driver’s license, current vehicle registration, and proof of vehicular insurance must be presented to Security personnel to fulfill these mandatory requirements.


Heroes of The Sky @ The Henry Ford (Dearborn)

Explore early aviation history at The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Discover the lives of aviation pioneers and view innovative aircraft up close as you journey through our Heroes of the Sky exhibit – included in the price of general admission.


Tuskegee Airman National Museum @ The Wright Museum (Detroit)

The National Museum of the Tuskegee Airmen showcases the contributions of Americans to the defense of our Nation during a period in our history when they were not thought of as the equal of other citizens. In addition to the exhibition housed at the Wright Museum of African American History, special programs and events are hosted the Coleman A. Young International Airport.

Make it a road trip and visit the Air Zoo in Portage, Michigan!

The  hands-on museums features children’s rides, interactive exhibits showcasing aviation and space travel. In addition to seeing restored models, you can watch live as vintage military and stealth planes are restored for use.



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