The Detroit Children’s Museum is a great place for the little ones in your life. The wide variety of hands-on experiences throughout the museum is a great way to utilize play to expand your child’s interest in history, science, social studies, and more.

The Museum’s artifact collection encompasses items from every corner of the world, including extraordinary items such as Anasazi pottery, an Egyptian Cat Mummy, and a twelve foot Tiger Shark. About 900,000 items are available to be loaned to the educators of Title 1 students of Detroit Public Schools, which greatly enhances the learning experiences of DPS children. The Museum also has an extensive doll collection including a 300-year-old doll, which was once owned by the Chene family of Chene Street and Chene Park fame and that first came to Detroit in 1703.

 At this time the Detroit Children’s Museum is only open to DPS’ Title 1 families.



Photo credit: Facebook