Wildwind Specializes in beginner and intermediate riders. We teach English Hunter/Jumper and Dressage. We have special programs for Tiny Tots ages 4-6 years old and Senior Citizens 50 and over. Of course, we serve all ages in between too. We offer full boarding, training, leasing, sales, summer camps, high school equestrian team training, show teams, and family activities. Wildwind also offers private Therapeutic Riding lessons. We teach lessons on our 40 diverse horses and ponies or on your own horse. We are great teachers for first -time horse owners. Our average boarder has stayed at our facility for more than 15 years. We may not be a fancy stable, but the care our horses receive is top priority and excellent, which is why our boarders have stayed with us for so long. Our childrens’ groups along with everyone else learn proper English Riding in a fun but respectful atmosphere. Riders learn to care for their animal and many come out during the week just to groom and visit with the horses, and feel the calm and happy mood that the horses can help them have. Riding is a sport you can do or an entire life, we have had riders from 3-87 and all of them have a love for horses, and we are glad to help them fulfill there desires.


Photo credit: Facebook