A.K.A. The Mommy Registry! This list isn’t your normal Amazon order; it’s nothing you’ll get excited about (it might actually scare you a little); and it’s the farthest thing from sexy – but it’s the list you absolutely need to have ready at home for your arrival post-baby. It’s also the list that will make you love your Amazon Prime account (and if you’re not a Prime member, you will be once you’re a mom), because it’s not the stuff you want to be seen holding in the CVS line!


Water BottleWhen you breastfeed, you can literally feel the hydration being sucked out of you, so get yourself a great water bottle (or multiple, to have around the house). This bottle is also great for keeping water warm, so it can be used when traveling and need to make a warm bottle on the run.


Fenugreek is a well-known recommendation for keeping your milk supply up for breastfeeding. So before you start feeling your supply run low, have this on hand for an additional boost, when needed.


Nursing Camisoles: Easy access is key when breastfeeding, so I bought this in multiple colors to sleep in, hang out around the house or even have under a shirt, so that you don’t have to completely undress for every feeding.

I far underestimated dressing for breastfeeding/pumping. It’s hard when you have to access your boobs without having to completely strip down. So keep that in mind and start looking at nursing tops/dresses, etc to have on hand right away. Dressing while breastfeeding is a whole new wardrobe, in and of itself. Just remember….easy access!


Breast Pump Power: I pumped wherever and however I could. Pumping while driving was my favorite – you just pray you don’t get pulled over! But unless you want to be tied to an outlet for every pump, equip yourself with options. So in my pumping bag (yes, you will need a bag just for all of the pumping equipment), I had the power cord, the battery power and the car charger. I haven¹t used the battery power, but the car charger is key! Just as simple as going out for a few hours, you will need relief and this just gives you some mobility and freedom with your timing.


Night Nursing Nightgown & Robe: By far the best thing I had in my hospital bag! Even my husband said it too! At some point, you want to feel some resemblance of YOU, and getting out of the hospital gown and putting on your own nightgown and robe is amazing. I have this brand in blue and I have worn it so much, that I bought a second one for the house. It has pockets, which is key (I have always had an affinity for pockets – my wedding dress even had them, but as a mom, they are absolutely KEY). It is a nursing cami on top, which again is necessary (for the breastfeeding mamas). And it will make you feel so much better when you’re at the hospital after giving birth and having visitors, etc. (PS they run small. I’m usually a XS/S, but I wear a Medium in this, because keep in mind, you’re still going to have a bump and huge boobs)!


And now for the REALLY fun stuff!

Depends: Steal as many of the mesh ‘underwear’ from the hospital as you can. Just keep putting them in your bag when they replenish each day. Some people hate them, I loved them. It’s the farthest thing from sexy, but hey, it is what it is. But as backup, have Depends at home waiting.

Also have Maxi Pads.


Stool Softener: It’s a scary thing waiting for your first bowel movement. You don’t want to think about pushing anything else out of your body, but it’s gotta happen at some point and this just makes it a little easier.


Medela Easy Expression BustierGet the insurance provided breast pump -­ mine was the Medela (hopefully yours is too, they are the best), but it is (or was…who knows now) covered under ObamaCare that every expecting mother gets one. The only difference between the insurance covered pump and the super expensive is this bra. That’s seriously the only difference – so don’t waste your money in getting the full set – get the insurance pump, spend $30 to get the bra and then bam – you’re hands free (equivalent to Medela Freestyle)!


Nursing BrasI got this 3 pack and it has been all that I needed, but make sure you have a few options/colors, because if you breastfeed, you will wear these everyday!


Nursing Pads: You will leak on everything, at all hours of the day. Buy this two pack and expect to buy more down the line. You will never wear anything without these for a long time!


About Kerry Doman

Kerry Doman is the founder and CEO of LittleGuide Detroit and After 5 Detroit. She has lived downtown Detroit for 10+ years and still calls the city home with her husband and son. As a relatively new mom, she’s excited to explore downtown with her family and hopes you’ll enjoy doing the same!