Take the grocery store off your to-do list, we’re giving away a $100 Hungry Harvest gift card to a reader (and their friend) so you can have dinner delivered to your door!


“We’re trying to eat healthier around here but like oh so many things it’s hard! The stress of what meals to make, how to pick the right vegetable and the cost associated with eating fresh was stressing me out and made an email from Hungry Harvest feel like fate.


Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery service that entered the Michigan market this month. They rescue food that doesn’t meet grocery standards for superficial reasons and sell it at a lower cost. This saves the produce from a landfill, reducing our ecological footprint and fulfilling Hungry Harvest’s mission to create a better planet for all. Win-win.”


I wrote that on my blog in June 2018. I have been getting Hungry Harvest box delivered to my door every other week ever since. I LOVE Hungry Harvest (seriously I made a video about why I love it last year).


Every other week I get an email with a list of fruits and vegetables set to be delivered to my door on Saturday. If there are items I know we won’t eat, I switch them for no additional cost. I also take a visit to the online marketplace to add eggs, bread, Beyond ‘meat’, kumbucha and other pantry items to my box that cost the same as or less than the grocery store.


My base box that gives my family of 4 enough fruits/veggies for two weeks costs $15! Seriously, it’s why I’ve had it for two and a half year without ever skipping, it’s such a low cost that it’s never too expensive to use. And there is FREE delivery fee for orders over $30! With my pantry add on I’ve never paid a delivery fee but if you only get a box it’s $3.49 for delivery – not bad at all!


Hungry Harvest is affordable and easy to use. They offers multiple box sizes with fruits and/or vegetables – including organic! I get the mini if that helps.


Enter to win a $100 Hungry Harvest gift card for you AND a friend! ALL LittleGuide readers can get 50% off your first order with the promo code LITTLE50 at checkout.


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